Atlantic Solutions provides the most dynamic and customizable marketing tool: one-on-one human interaction and genuine relationship-building.

We proudly cultivate long-lasting customer relationships personally and locally. Our account managers meet face to face with consumers, taking the time to get to know each and every customer as a person, not a number. The result for our clients is recognition, credibility, and unparalleled loyalty.

Why partner with Atlantic Solutions?

1. We make things happen; and we make them happen fast. Atlantic Solutions is for businesses who want performance right now. We drive sales today, and plant the seeds to build brand loyalty and awareness for tomorrow. Forget the jargon and the usual failed promises: Invest your marketing budget with a firm that drives real and measurable ROI.

2. As a boutique agency with fewer layers of management, we offer you direct access to the senior people working on your account. We keep things simple with clearly defined actions and measurable results.

3. If you are seeking an impeccably trained, highly professional, incredibly personable team to represent your brand, you’ve found the right group. We have the drive, the passion, and the work ethic to be the perfect representation of your big business.

How are our solutions different?

The market strategies we implement at Atlantic Solutions are designed to engage and resonate with people. Direct and personal engagement mean long-term loyalty. Instead of contributing to the marketing noise, we strive to create an experience for our clients’s customers. Whether that means evoking laughter, joy, or wonder, we approach each interaction with the goal of creating a deeply resonating, positive customer experience.

Why Outsource?

It’s simple: You focus on what you do best, and we’ll focus on what we do best!

Capitalize on efficiency and peace of mind. Especially if your business is in a high-growth phase, it is faster and cheaper to outsource your marketing to a team who is already hired, trained, and ready to go. We’ll utilize the most current research, planning, and campaign tracking tools, all of which are already in place.

Reduce your risk. Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Our job is to assume and manage that risk for you. As you know, marketing campaigns involve a heavy cultural element. Don’t risk making a cultural or financial mistake. At Atlantic Solutions we know our own backyard and are ready to manage the local market.